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Team Work

We wouldn’t be where we are today without a dedicated team of trained, construction professionals focused on success.Learn

New Heights

Hipperson Construction continues to invest in new processes, training, human resources and technology to improve the ways we can satisfy the growing diversity of our customers and their unique construction needsLearn

Our Expertise

We combine the expertise of our safety, quality, and project management staff with the experts at your business to come up with proven, yet tailor made approaches to your construction project.Learn

Principles & Processes

Building on your ideas with proven construction techniques.Learn

The Best Way

We believe there is more than one way to do something and we make sure that the best way is chosen for you, our client.Learn More

Flexible & Innovative

It’s the way we work for our clients.Learn More

Safety Management

Safety Managment

Since receiving the Certificate of Recognition (COR) in 2004 from the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association, so much has changed.  What started with a Certificate has now become our company’s culture.  Like signing the Health and Safety Leadership ‘Charter on behalf of our employees and the creation of a new logo that states: Safety Is In our Business.

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Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Hipperson Construction, as an Authorized Builder of Behlen Building Systems, can supply the full line of steel buildings from Behlen Industries, all of which are CSA-6600 Quality certified. Behlen Industries is a Canadian company, based in Brandon, Manitoba. For information on the full line of Behlen building systems, please visit
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Behlen Industries is a participant in the Carbon Netural Steel Building System Research Project, a joint research project between the Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute and the University of Waterloo. Find out more at

Rewarding Careers

Hipperson Construction CareersHipperson Construction has become involved in creating opportunities for all types of individuals to achieve career growth in the construction industry.

Our staff works closely with the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Commission, participates in SIAST Advisory Committees,  has frequent dialogue with the Saskatchewan Institute of Indian Technologies (SIIT) and many more initiatives to ensure access by all segments of the population to the career opportunities presented by our buoyant construction market.

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