Evraz Rolling
Mill Expansion

Client: Evraz
Prime Consultant: BBK
Contract: Stipulated Price
Contract Value: $12M
Location: Regina, Sk

Design/Build of a Secant Shoring Wall
• 132 CFA/CIP piles up to 48” diameter, reinforced with steel pipe
• Cast-in-place concrete cap slab to allow Evraz to maintain use of rail track
throughout construction
• Shoring allowed for a 35’ deep excavation between 3 existing structures

Equipment Foundations Concrete:
• 12,000 sqft footprint
• 3,500 m3 of excavation
• 1,500 m3 of cast-in-place concrete
• 138 CFA/Belled Piles
• Completed in 4 months

Rolling Mill Building Extension:
• 12,000 sqft addition to existing building
• Structural Steel, Cladding/Roofing, Crane rail extension, Mechanical and
• Detailed safety planning allowed concurrent completion with Equipment