Over 100 Years of Building Saskatchewan

About Us

Hipperson Construction is a young company built on experience.

Incorporated in 1996, this generation of Hipperson Construction has experienced consistent growth year after year.  Our growth is leveraged by the stable foundation we are built on.  Our company originated in 1906 – over 100 years of building experience!

The continued success of Hipperson Construction has come from hard work, but more so, has resulted from every individual in our company taking pride in the work we do for our clients.

Whether it is an interior building renovation or the design build of a unique industrial facility, a demonstrated passion for building in Saskatchewan is what has sustained our century of growth and evolution in civil construction and design building.

Our Projects

Our Services

Hipperson Construction offers general contracting services for Saskatchewan’s public and private sector clients. We have a proven track record of completing quality, on-budget, and on-schedule projects for our clients. Our wide range of experience allows us to take on projects of any size and complexity. We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients are happy with their finished product.

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Careers @ Hipperson Construction

We subscribe to the definition of a great place to work, as defined by the Great Place to Work Institute Canada “a place where employees trust the people they work for, have pride in what they do, and enjoy the people the work with”.

With hard work and pride has come some real opportunity for the staff at Hipperson Construction. The company’s continued growth has allowed for investment in more sophisticated processes, technology, individualized training, and employee benefit programs for everyone.