Our History

Three generations of Hipperson family members have helped build Saskatchewan.

The family legacy began when William Hipperson emigrated to Ontario in 1904 from Norwich, England. William relocated to Regina in 1905 to supervise construction of the Ackerman Building, now located at 2128 Dewdney Avenue. The following year he formed Hipperson Construction. Other Regina properties completed in those early years include the Army and Navy Department Store, the Somerset Building and the Qu’Appelle Apartments.

William’s son Donald, assumed the reigns of Hipperson Construction in 1952. Over the next 45 years, more Saskatchewan landmarks were constructed, including many of Regina’s churches and schools.

Currently in its third generation and celebrating over 20 years of ownership, Gordon Hipperson, P.Eng., leads Hipperson Construction into the future of construction excellence with many projects undertaken in the city of Regina and Southern Saskatchewan. “We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and extend our sincere appreciation to the many stakeholders that have supported our business endeavours over the past century. For three generations, we have had the pleasure of working in partnership with valued consultants, sub-trade contractors, building product suppliers, and project owners.”

“Furthermore, none of our projects would have been possible without the commitment of the hard working, loyal and knowledgeable employees that we have been able to attract over the years. It is our hope that we can continue to develop and retain a skilled construction work force to sustain us well into the future.”

Our company’s future in construction and property development is bright with opportunities and we thank members of the Saskatchewan community for their continued support.

Careers at Hipperson

We subscribe to the definition of a great place to work, as defined by the Great Place to Work Institute Canada, ‘ a place where employees trust the people they work for, have pride in what they do, and enjoy the people the work with’.

With hard work and pride has come some real opportunity for the staff at Hipperson Construction. The company’s continued growth has allowed for investment in more sophisticated processes, technology, individualized training, and employee benefit programs for everyone.

Hipperson Construction is a member of the Merit Contractors Association. The Association focuses on the human resource needs of contractors with a special emphasis on benefit plans, retirement programs, tuition refund programs and placement of field construction workers. For more information on their programs and services, please visit www.meritcontractors.sk.ca

Current Opportunities