Since receiving the Certificate of Recognition (COR) in 2004 from the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association, so much has changed.  What started with a Certificate has now become our company’s culture.  Like signing the Health and Safety Leadership ‘Charter on behalf of our employees and the creation of a new logo that states: Safety Is In our Business.

Once employees were convinced of the company’s ongoing commitment to the principles of a safety management program, there was a keen interest and demonstrated pride in improving company safety processes.  Out of that employee ownership, grew a perception that an effective safety management program delivers enhanced value to our clients, employees, sub-trade contractors and the public.  Every day, Safety Is In Our Business for everyone’s benefit.


Careers at Hipperson

We subscribe to the definition of a great place to work, as defined by the Great Place to Work Institute Canada, ‘ a place where employees trust the people they work for, have pride in what they do, and enjoy the people the work with’.

With hard work and pride has come some real opportunity for the staff at Hipperson Construction. The company’s continued growth has allowed for investment in more sophisticated processes, technology, individualized training, and employee benefit programs for everyone.

Hipperson Construction is a member of the Merit Contractors Association. The Association focuses on the human resource needs of contractors with a special emphasis on benefit plans, retirement programs, tuition refund programs and placement of field construction workers. For more information on their programs and services, please visit

Current Opportunities